Celebrating Philanthropy by the Numbers

A wheel graph with Red, Teal, Yellow, and Blue Sections. Text: $189,109,377 campaign total, Red - Planned Gifts $112,532,350, Teal - Outright gifts $47,529,267, Yellow - Pledges $27,815,148, and Blue Matching Gifts - $1,232,612.

Black and Red Text: 19,529 Individual Donors from 50 states and 75 countries.

Black and Red text: $1.4M from 3,702 young alumni (2004-2021)

Black and Red Text: 6,824 donors made their first gift to Grinnell during the campaign

A bar graph with 7 colors, each colors length is proportional to the total of each bar. Text: Total Commitments. Blue Bar - Scholarships and Financial Aid $56,920,390 Red Bar - Individually Advised Teaching and Learning $55,465,591 Purple Bar - Pioneer Fund $35,685,781 Yellow Bar - Global Engagement $17,142,789 Teal Bar - World Class Facilities $12,235,141 Maroon Bar - Center for Careers, Life, and Service $10,262,295 Black Bar - Yet to be designated $1,397,390.

Black and Red Text: $10.7m. The Class of 1975 (highest class gift total in the campaign)

Black and Red Text: 64.2% The Class of 1966 (highest class participation during the campaign)

Black and Red Text: $10.7m. The Class of 1975 (highest number of class donors during the campaign)

Upside Pyramid with each level with text and label. Title Text: Grinnellians supporting Grinnellians with gifts of all sizes. Top Bar $.01-$175 6,637 gifts 2nd Bar $176-$1,845 6,227 gifts. 3rd Bar $1,846-$9,999 1,818 gifts 4th Bar $10,000-$24,999 385 gifts, 5th Bar $25,000-$99,999 319 gifts, 6th Bar $100,000-$999,999 176 gifts Bottom Bar $1,000,000+ 40 gifts.

Black and Red Text: $105M, in gifts and commitments to the endowment to support students in perpetuity

Black and Red Text: $16.6M. Dollars raised by the 50th Reunion Classes (1964-1971)


NEW SCHOLARSHIPS that support need-blind admission practices, our no loan initiative, and keep Grinnell accessible for all students.



NEW FUNDS TO SUPPORT TEACHING AND LEARNING including a wide array of international and off-campus study programs.



NEW PROFESSORSHIPS & CHAIRS which give Grinnell the opportunity to recruit and retain committed and accomplished teachers and scholars by supporting their work in classrooms, labs, and studios.



NAMED SPACES in, and adjacent to, the new Humanities and Social Studies Center ensuring this facility is sustainable and responsive to the teaching and learning needs of today’s students and faculty.



NEW FUNDS FOR ATHLETICS to support excellence, diversity, and equity for our scholar athletes.



NEW INTERNSHIPS which provide grant funding for students to pursue unpaid, or underpaid, summer experiential learning opportunities.