Grinnellian Stories

Doing greater things is what Grinnellians do

Shaping students into the best versions of themselves is just one part of what Grinnell does.

Find inspiration in your fellow Grinnellians.

Graduation Caps worn at commencement. In Focus, one that says "Thanks Grinnell "IOWA" lot to you"

“The important question you face as a student is not, ‘What am I good at?’ but, ‘What do I care about?’ ‘What matters to me?’ To answer this you must reflect on what you want — but more importantly, on what is worth wanting.”
President Raynard S. Kington
“I received substantial aid from Grinnell from what is now the Pioneer Fund. My Grinnell experience had a significant impact on my life in terms of education, as well as socially and culturally. It’s important to me to support that access and experience for current and future students.”Kristin Stout ‘89
“The joy I feel in helping complete strangers, I can’t monetize it — I really can’t. It’s an incredible void that we’re filling, and it’s a void that needs to be filled.”Matheos Mesfin ‘14